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I learnt how to crochet when I was in Primary school. My aunt had given me her stash of steel crochet hooks (an entire complete set by Clover!), a ball of yellowish “Aminah” #10 cotton thread, and a crochet doily book in Japanese, and spent an afternoon teaching me the basics. After many hours of trying to decipher the Japanese words & diagrams, I was hooked. As my friends now like to tease me, by the time our Home Econs teacher introduced us to crochet, while everyone else was learning how to chain, I was crocheting a tablecloth.


My design philosophy is very much inspired by the Japanese design aesthetics - simple shapes and minimalist designs, letting the natural textures & colours of the fiber take centrestage. I believe that a truly beautiful piece must be as functional as it is beautiful.


Although I am not yet an eco-warrior, as a mom, I do believe in taking small lifestyle steps to make the world a healthier place for my child to live in. As much as possible, I believe in eating natural, wearing natural, breathable fabrics, and replacing synthetics & chemicals with natural alternatives. In my crochet work, I am dedicated to working with yarn & fibers that feel good & are good for us and the environment.


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