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“byiroiro” (by-eero-eero, いろいろ in Japanese for ‘various, miscellaneous’) is a slow-crafted home accessories and lifestyle brand, where every piece is handmade locally using natural or sustainable yarn.

As the founder and artisan behind byiroiro, I believe that sustainable home decor has a positive impact on our health and mood. Cushions and throw blankets made with natural fibers (such as cotton, linen & bamboo) add organic textures to your home, and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Baskets and eco-bags made with sustainable textiles such as recycled cotton or recycled polyester provide eco-conscious alternatives for your home styling needs.  Our home goods are handcrafted with utmost attention to detail and heirloom-quality finishings; with an emphasis on simple stitches and clean silhouettes to allow textures to really shine through.


Commitment to Sustainability

  1. Quality handcrafts made to last - our handmade goods are made one stitch at a time, with attention to detail and finishing. This makes them of higher quality and more durable than something mass produced in a factory. Buy once, buy quality!

  2. Mindful sourcing of sustainable, eco-friendly materials - helps to reduce the environmental impact of textile/yarn production. I focus on sourcing for natural, certified organic, and recycled yarns that extend the lifespan of textile waste.

  3. Creating re-usable alternatives to daily disposables - designing and making eco-friendly alternatives to disposables (e.g. reusable makeup remover rounds) to inspire a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

  4. Minimising wastage - by repurposing yarn remnants for smaller projects, reworked pieces, and for packaging etc.

  5. Sustainable packaging practices - reducing the use of paper labels as much as possible and where needed, sourcing for more eco-friendly options (e.g. recycled kraft paper, cork labels). Also always choosing to reuse tissues, wraps & boxes from other deliveries.

 Please feel free to contact Eileen at for any partnership opportunities or queries. 


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