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10 Zero Waste Skincare Tips For Your Body Care Routine

Updated: Mar 30

The 2024 Pinterest Predicts Report found that the search term “body skincare routine” went up by 1025%; and searches for body care, luxurious skin care products and in-home spa experiences are predicted to be on the rise.


Here are 10 zero waste ways in which we can take care of our skin from head-to-toe, the eco-chic way.

1. Switch to reusable makeup remover pads

This is one of the simplest changes to make. Just replace your disposable cotton wool pads or makeup wipes with a reusable (aka washable) option that will last you for months, saving you money, and saving our landfills. Here are some of our bestseller reusable rounds.

2. Go naked

Switch to solid bar soaps, bar shampoos & even conditioners that allow you to use till the very last bubble. Keep them in an airy & fast to dry soap bag so that you can just hang them up after use, without the need for additional soap dishes or containers.

3. Avoid plastic packaging

Look for brands that ship in eco-friendly packaging such as glass containers or metal jars; or make creative use of paper or other packaging.  Mynakedbar packs their cold-processed soap in repurposed milk cartons in order to minimise waste.

4. Reuse / Recycle Packaging

Shop at zero waste or whole food stores like Unpackt or Scoop that encourages you to bring own your containers.

5. Exfoliate naturally without toxic chemicals & micro beads

For dry brushing, use a body brush with natural bristles and natural (wood or bamboo) handles. For exfoliation in the shower, ensure that there are no banned micro-beads, and look for natural scrubs made with organic ingredients (e.g. sugar, salt, coffee). Pair these with a warm washcloth made with organic cotton for the ultimate in home-spa luxury.

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6. Switch to zero waste deodorant

Traditional deodorant sticks are typically made with a lot of plastic packaging that cannot be recycled. Zero waste deos come in eco-friendly cardboard tubes or with minimum packaging like Smood.

7. Swap normal loofahs for natural sponges

Normal loofahs or shower lilys are made of synthetic materials, shed microplastics down our drains & into the ocean, and will not biodegrade. Natural sponges made out of konjac or natural loofah are compostable and biodegradable.

8. Use a old-school metal razor

instead of plastic disposable ones, and a shaving cream made from natural organic ingredients, because traditional shaving creams are typically packaged in spray cans and may contain parabens & synthetic fragrances that can contaminate our waters.

9. Skip the sheet masks

Although sheet masks are the ultimate in convenience, they are almost always individually wrapped and mostly non-biodegradable. Swap them for leave-on gel or clay face masks, and use those same reusable cotton rounds from tip #1 to wipe them away! Oasis Beauty Kitchen has 100% preservative-free, vegan masks to elevate your self care spa routine at home.

10. Choose a sustainable yet luxurious body skincare lotion

Replenish your largest organ with natural lux ingredients, without the need for plastic or chemicals. EcoRoots solid lotions are palm-oil free, formulated from organic and natural ingredients, and comes packaged in reusable glass jars, checking off all the clean beauty & zero waste boxes!

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