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5 low-key gift ideas this Mother’s Day

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Some moms love a glam day out and have plans weeks in advance, secretly hoping to be blown away by a surprise party. Other moms (like mine), are more low-key, and usually just prefer a meal together. Touch their hearts quietly with practical, yet casually pretty gifts from local brands & artistans.


1.Lush & Plush, 2.Rough Beauty, 3.Oasis Skin, 4.byiroiro, 5.Nodspark, 6.Momshoo, 7.byiroiro)

1. Flowers & plants

Instead of the usual rose bouquet, sometimes a small “un-arranged” bunch of unusual blooms has its understated charm. Personally I am loving the quieter charm of succulents like these found at Lush & Plush.

2. Bath & Skincare Products

We have so many talented local beauty makers - I am a fan of Rough Beauty’s slightly rustic take on their soap bars which smell awesome & look so naturally beautiful. Local eco-beauty maker Oasis Skin makes her facial cleansing mists with pure essential oils & organic ingredients. For a touch of handmade charm, pair these soaps & cleansers with the Mother’s Day Washcloth set. If you ever wondered why we should go back to basics with a washcloth for cleansing, you can read my other blogpost.

3. Mani / Pedi Trip

Or support local brand Nodspark with their easy to use stick-on nail wraps. The wraps are super easy to apply and children can actively help out and give grandma a pampering home-manicure memory that she will cherish for years to come.

4. Pretty pouches or clutches

For mom to stash away her keys, essential oil roll-ons, or as a pretty wallet etc. Go handmade with whimsical local brand Momshoo, who does some of the most intricate embroidery on her pouches; or check-out the retro charm of my tasselled crochet pouch.

5. Shawls

No matter her fashion style, a good quality shawl will always come in handy to ward off the chill in freezing restaurants, airplanes or cinemas. My favourite Singaporean ethical fashion brand Matterprints has cotton voile handprinted scarves that will have you buying one for yourself too.

What other local handmade gift ideas have you come across? Do share them below!

(P.S. This is not a sponsored post. Opinions expressed are solely my own)


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