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5 reasons to use a washcloth in the shower

Washcloths tend to be associated with "old traditions" - something that our grandparents may have used. In addition, as our world moves faster every day, our bath routines tend to speed up & soon it's just splash water squirt soap & we're done. So somewhere along the way, the tradition of using washcloths was lost.

I rediscovered washcloths when my baby was born, I needed something to help gently dislodge the cradle cap around her hairline. Soon I discovered that she loved having the weight of the washcloth on her scalp, and on her tiny belly - so bath times became a slow, restorative massage time with the washcloths. Since then, I use washcloths when I shower and love the benefits that they bring. Here are 5 reasons to try them out in your shower or bath!

1. Makes plenty of squishy suds from your bar soap

They work up a good lather with less product, even for bar soaps that have less foaming power. Simply wet your washcloth and rub it several times over your bar soap. As you use it, the washcloth will produce creamier lather.

2. Scrubs off dead skin cells & embedded dirt better than bare hands

A washcloth is the best natural manual exfoliator, promoting smoother & healthier skin. Skin no longer feels flaky & rough as the excess dirt, oils & odour-causing bacteria will be lifted up & washed away properly with a washcloth. Eco-friendly tip - skip the bath gel scrubs that contain microbeads. Hemp or flax washcloths are perfect - they can be used when dry to provide extra exfoliation (e.g. for elbows & knees), and when wet will soften (and soften and soften) to give a gentle all-over tingling scrub. This can be done daily without fear of over-abrasion.

3. Turns your bathroom into a mini-spa

A warm cotton washcloth recreates that ‘ahhh’ spa-like experience & is a luxurious treat at the end of a stressful day. Placing a hot washcloth over your face & sinus area (maybe with a drop of eucalyptus essential oil) is a super effective way of clearing out blocked noses & sinuses. Bonus- it works as a great mood booster if you are feeling slightly under the weather.

4. Removes excess bits of make-up like mascara marks better.

Used together with a cleansing oil, the warm cloth & its texture will work to easily and gently remove leftover traces of stubborn make-up. Wrap your finger tips in the washcloth and go over lightly in circular motions for best effect. When I use a washcloth to cleanse my make-up, I find that I no longer need to use any other fancy gadgets. My simple daily washcloth routine improves my skin's texture so I can skip the complicated tools & routines.

5. Lasts a really long time

Made of natural materials, washcloth are reusable and biodegradable. Use it for many years and when it starts looking old, you can retire it for use in the home to wipe surfaces.

What is important for washcloths (& loofah brushes or bath mitts) is to remember to wash out any cleanser residue & thoroughly rinse & dry out your washcloth in between uses. Cotton takes slightly longer in high humidity so either have several to rotate around, or use a flax one which I find dries overnight. Put them in the washing machine for a thorough cleansing every week or so to prevent bacteria from breeding.

If you've tried out washcloths & love them, do send me your comments!


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