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6 easy ways to creating a welcoming bathroom

Updated: May 26, 2022

Now that travellers are welcomed back, are you expecting visits from family or friends this June holidays? Here are 6 quick ways on how to refresh that guest bathroom!

1. Clean

Yup, there’s no getting out of this one. Grab your gloves, brushes and detergents and dedicate a couple of hours. I like to blast the music so it feels more like an exercise routine!

2. Create nice smells

You can use an essential oil burner, or a candle made with natural soy wax that will leave a subtle lingering scent in the air. I’m currently loving the mini ones from Riau Candle Company (not a sponsored post, just sharing my personal fave).

3. Prepare lux towels

Thick, lush towels evoke that hotel-vacation feel. These handmade waffle hand towels are luxurious and squishy and will definitely pamper your guests.

4. Assemble a spa tray / basket

Look for a tray made with warm natural material such as rattan or wood. Fill it with toiletries, hand cream, a pretty bar of soap, spare toothbrush etc. Or put together a little welcome basket like this textured crochet one. Plus point - your guests can bring it home after.

5. Add music

Leave a portable bluetooth speaker (charged of cos) in the bathroom so your guests can listen to their favourite tunes while getting ready.

6. Include some green!

Bring in a small potted plant, a mini succulent, or fill a vase with rustic-looking cotton flowers, fresh eucalyptus, or go all out with whatever blooms your guest will love!

I hope this gives you a starting point on how to prep your guest bathroom. Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips to share!

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