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Are you ready for the Plastic Bag Charge?

Come July 3, two thirds of all supermarkets in Singapore will impose a charge of at least 5 cents for each carrier bag. More importantly, (and aside from the financial aspect), today is also the start of Plastic Free July - a global movement that encourages individuals, communities, and organizations to reduce their consumption of single-use plastics.

Here are a few of my favourite reusable grocery bags that I keep on hand so I can refuse disposable bags, especially the small ones used to bag fruits and loose vegetables like broccoli, potatoes etc.

1. Recyclable bags from supermarkets

These are a staple especially when I need to buy a bigger load of groceries. They are big and extremely durable; and washable (up to a certain extent) - I find the material starts to tear after frequent washes. Usually made from recyclable polypropylene, which is a form of plastic.

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2. Foldable nylon bags

There are many options available for similar foldable bags, usually made of nylon. Their advantage is that they are lightweight and fold very compactly. Cons - they are rather slippery and slide around a fair bit on the shoulder. My favourite brand so far is Shuppato, for the rounded shape (makes carrying less awkward), the thick straps (which are non-nylon so less sliding around), and the many colour options!

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3. String Bags / Net Bags

Versatile, lightweight and very stretchy - to accomodate all shapes & sizes of groceries, and especially useful for fruits & vegetables that need weighing. I usually carry these together with a bigger reusable bag.

Here are several Colourful String Bags in heavy-duty cotton cord - these are available in a wide range of bright happy colours and a thick shoulder strap so you can sling them comfortably. I’m also launching a limited run of the very adorable Pocket Net Bags, that are essentially a mini string bag tucked into a little pocket pouch so it can be easily tucked into a handbag for last minute errands. The Pocket Net Bags are handmade from high quality linen yarn - so you can be environmentally friendly while being stylish.

Remember to place several of these reusable bags in convenient places like in your bags, in the car, in your office drawers, or by the door - so you will have one with you all the time!


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