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Crochet a Puff Flower Pin

These flower pins were made as freebies to be given out, but were so popular so I've jotted down the "recipe" I used. Leave me a comment if you've made it using the pattern here!


R1 : magic ring, ch1, 10sc in magic ring, sl st to close

R2 : ch3, 3 puff dc in first st, 3 puff dc in next st (total 7 loops), yo, pull through all 7 loops, ch3, sl st into next st [1 puff dc = 1 regular dc without completing the last step]

- repeat above step 4 more times (total 5 petals).

- end off leaving long tail (for sewing pin backing)


- magic ring, ch3, 5 puff dc (6 loops), yo pull through all 6 loops, ch3, sl st in magic ring.

-end off, cut ends.

Use the long yarn end to sew the pin backing onto back of petals. Glue center onto the flower.


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