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Crochet vlog Episode 2

Prepping for a pop-up this Sunday ❤️

I used to think that starting a crochet business would be simple as I’d been crocheting for years. And now I can officially name my hobby as ‘work’ and not feel guilty about it!

Truth is, there are so many other tasks to be done when running your own business, so many skills to learn, none of which involved a hook & yarn. I would probably say that 40% of my time is actually crocheting, the rest of the 60% is spent researching on the next product, testing out various yarns & designs, packing orders, taking videos, social media, website update etc.

Case in point - prepping for a pop-up. Once the crocheted items are ready, I usually spend half a day putting together the finishing touches. Thankfully, just like packing for travel, once you’ve done it many times, it becomes second nature and a lot less nerve-wrecking.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this short vlog that I’ve put together for you!


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