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How To Use And Clean Reusable Cotton Rounds

Updated: Mar 30

cream colored reusable cotton rounds in a natural wood bowl

Reusable cotton rounds or makeup remover wipes/pads are simply little pieces of fabric that can be washed and reused again & again. If they are made from a natural material like cotton, they will be biodegradable as well. They perform essentially the same function as disposable cotton wool pads / balls - removing makeup, facial cleansing, applying toner/essence etc - with the added benefit of being reusable and hence more sustainable. This post explains more.

You can find these reusable rounds in many different materials and shapes. Most skincare brands now have their own in-house rounds. You can even easily DIY your own using old towels and some basic sewing skills, or knit or crochet them.

To care for these reusable cotton rounds, simply follow the steps below :

1. To remove makeup, saturate cotton round with product (e.g. micellar water, makeup remover), wait a little for the product to soak in and then wipe across skin. Repeat if necessary.

2. For double cleansing or just regular facial washing, apply product (e.g. facial wash, cleansing oil) directly on face, use a clean dampened round to massage & foam up product. Rinse round & wipe off product until face is clean.

3. To apply toner, essences etc, simply saturate cotton round with product and wipe across face.

4. After use, gently agitate facial round with detergent or soap, and rinse until the water runs clear. You can also put them in a laundry bag and pop them in the machine.

5. After washing, squeeze out excess water, reshape whilst damp & air dry flat; and you are ready to use them again!

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