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New Collection : Dots & Crosses Crochet Potholders

Crochet is enjoying a revival and I’m thoroughly enjoying the adorable plushies, cute cropped tops & fashionable bucket hats flooding my social media feed. While I simply can’t achieve this level of cuteness (is it an age thing?), I realized there’s nothing stopping me from adding a little whimsy & pattern to my hand makes.

Hence, the inspiration for this collection was born. It’s a foray into adding some pattern & detail, while still retaining the core textures & muted colours that I so love. Little dots and geometric crosses are the simplest form of motifs - and yet when repeated, yield so many possibilities for varying designs. Do I want an odd or even repeat? Do I want many coloured dots or just contrast the main colour with simple cream dots? And of course there is always the practical element to designing a functional piece - e.g. if I use cream for the base colour, will anyone want them as potholders which may dirty easily? (the answer in Singapore-context is a resounding ‘no’. Practical people we are).

The yarn used in this collection is a certified organic cotton yarn produced in Europe. Cotton is paramount for durable, absorbent & very functional pieces such as coasters & potholders. After all, we really don’t want our potholders to melt (as acrylic would) when hot cookware is placed on them. As a natural material, cotton is also easily laundered and would be biodegradable after its useful life - hence creating a lighter load on the environment.

I’ve always loved the texture & warmth that a natural handmade item adds to a space; while something is functional, it can definitely also be an aesthetic piece that calms our senses and heals us a little, every time we use it.


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