Double-sided Reusable Cotton Round

Double-sided Reusable Cotton Round

A dual-sided reusable cotton round that has the goodness of two textures in one nifty little round. 


Soft & gentle organic cotton on one side to :

- gently remove makeup 

- emulsify & lather for thorough face cleansing


Textured hemp on the other to :

- gently exfoliate & buff

- stimulate collage production for better circulation & smoother skin.


Our reusable cotton rounds are hypoallergenic and do not contain any toxins or hazardous substances which can be absorbed into your skin, hence supporting cleaner, healthier skin. Hemp is a naturally anti-bacterial fiber that is receiving attention as a sustainable crop that requires very little resources to grow. 


These organic cotton rounds are a great multi-tasking tool and can be used for makeup removal, face cleansing, exfoliating, toning, masking, and even for nail polish removal. After each use, simply handwash or throw them in the washing machine in a delicates bag, and air dry; ready to be reused again & again. They will last for 6-9 months, after which you can repurpose or let them biodegrade in the compost / landfill.  


Each double-sided cleansing round comes with a hanging hook and is packaged with an eco-friendly recycled kraft label.



  • To remove makeup, saturate cotton round with product (e.g. micellar water, makeup remover), wait a little for the product to soak in and then wipe across skin. Repeat if necessary.


  • For double cleansing or just regular facial washing, apply product (e.g. facial wash, cleansing oil) directly on face, use a clean dampened round to massage & foam up product. Rinse round & wipe off product until face is clean. 


  • To apply toner, essences etc, simply saturate cotton round with product and wipe across face. 


  • Hand wash facial round with soap & water or put them in a delicate bag for machine wash. 


  • Squeeze out excess water, reshape whilst damp & air dry flat; and you are ready to use them again!



100% Certified Organic Cotton (no fillers / hidden micro-plastics)

Undyed hemp yarn. Hemp is a sustainable & low-impact crop that has natural antibacterial and mold-resistant qualities.  



8.5cm diameter



  • Rinse well until water runs clear, squeeze out excess water & air dry flat in a well-ventilated area.
  • For makeup stains, apply a spot of dishwashing soap or detergent and gently agitate. Follow by rinsing thoroughly.
  • Machine washable. 


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