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2-Way Facial Cleansing Pads

Reusable facial rounds in a slightly bigger size than the original, updated to include dual-sides for multipurpose cleaning. One side is crocheted in a puff stitch pattern with soft eco-cotton, while the other uses a thin hemp yarn for gentle exfoliation. Use the softer side for facial cleansing and makeup removal along the sensitive lip & eye area, and the rougher side for exfoliation of pore-prone aread such as nose areas etc. This is perfect also for scrubbing under your jawline & behind ears, where oil & dirt tends to accumulate. 


Launch promo of 2 for $14.


Please select your colour options from the colour chart, or if you prefer to be surprised I will select a colour at random!



Ecologically grown & farmed cotton from South Africa; hand-dyed with the least environmental impact.

Undyed hemp yarn.



7.5cm diameter


[How to Use]

Rinse well after use and hang dry between washes. Machine wash in a washing net after a week or two to maintain freshness.


Promo Pack of 2