Asobi Produce Bag Crochet Kit

Asobi Produce Bag Crochet Kit

This is a pre-order for the Asobi Produce Bag Crochet Kit and contains:


  • e-pattern of the Asobi Produce Bag (ref here for pattern details)
  • 25g of vegan 100% hemp yarn in lace weight (2ply)
    • *do note that the picture shows a 50g skein *


Why Hemp?

  • Naturally antibacterial
  • Organic (doesn’t require pesticides or chemical fertilisers to grow)
  • Biodegradable
  • This particular source of hemp yarn has been grown and wet spun in Europe under EU regulations using only water in the production process


Upon your pre-order, I will send you the e-pattern via email within 3 working hours (GMT+8 Singapore Std Time 0800-2000). Do watch out for emails from


Yarn will then be consolidated and shipped out once the pre-order ends. Estimated delivery timing is around 3rd week of June.