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Wash Cloth & Facial Round Set (Christmas Edition)

This set features a seasonal update on the most-loved products, handmade in eco-friendly cotton yarn with splashes of colour on a vanilla background, evoking the feel of confetti. These confetti colourways are named Joy (Rose Pink, Lime, Teal), and Bliss (Lilac, Mint, Watershed Blue) - so appropriate for my favourite holiday of the year!


A colourful & fun gift set to ease the transition to more sustainable bathroom swaps. 


Each set contains 1 x textured washcloth, 1 x facial round, complimentary gift pouch. (sorry, soaps not included!)



Nurturing Fibres is based in South Africa. Their Eco Cotton is locally grown and while not certified organic, it has been farmed with these principles. It is hand-dyed by Nurturing Fibres whilst having the least amount of impact on the environment. Borehole water is used in the dye baths which has been heated by solar power. The water used is then ph balanced and used to irrigate olive trees.