Reusable Produce Bags / Eco Bags

Reusable Produce Bags / Eco Bags

Swap to a non-plastic alternative to store produce for your grocery trips, so you never have to reach for those tiny plastic bags again.


These produce bags are crocheted in fine weight linen/cotton/hemp-based yarn so that they are lightweight, super-stretchy & packable. Each bag looks small but will stretch to hold up to 5 apples. They are easily washable & dry really fast too. 


Limited run, available stock only. 


Options :

A : Brown Cotton/Linen (OOS)

B : Mauve/Brown Plant-dyed Hemp x 2

C : Undyed Hemp x 2



Assorted Linen/Cotton/Hemp yarn



26cm widest x 26cm height (laid flat). Size varies as I am using different yarn for each - if you want to know exact measurements, just drop me a mail at



Hand wash cold. Lay flat to air dry.