Lightweight Produce Bags

Lightweight Produce Bags



These produce bags are crocheted in fine weight linen/cotton/hemp-based yarn so that they are lightweight, super-stretchy & packable. Each bag looks small but will stretch to hold up to 5 apples. Due to the stretchiness, they may not be suitable for smaller things e.g. loose garlic, shallots or chilli. 


Tuck these in the car, in your bag etc so you can reuse them again & again. They are easily washable & dry really fast too. 


Each of these designs is one-of-a-kind and may not be repeated due to limited yarn supply.


Options :

A : Brown Cotton/Linen

B : Mauve/Brown Plant-dyed Hemp

C : Undyed Hemp



Assorted Linen/Cotton/Hemp yarn



26cm widest x 26cm height (laid flat). Size varies as I am using different yarn for each - if you want to know exact measurements, just drop me a mail at



Hand wash cold. Lay flat to air dry.