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Zero Waste Kitchen Starter Gift Set

Kickstart your zerowaste journey by harnessing the good energies of natural sustainable fibers to thoroughly clean your home & dishes. Naturally resistant to damp, mould & bacteria; these cloths & sponges make the perfect clean-up partner and may even elevate kitchen sink duties! Suitable for non-stick cooking ware. To remove stubborn / blackened stains, you may prefer to soak the cooking ware in detergent first. 


The items have been handmade and crocheted in a textured pattern for better cleaning as well as for faster drying in our humid weather.


Do remember to rinse them thoroughly every day after use, and stretch them out a bit to dry out as best as possible. Sunshine & fresh air are always recommended to extend their shelf life!


This makes a great gift for a house party, or a newly married couple setting up their first home. Start them right on their eco-journey with these simple but thoughtful products. 


This set consists of :