Hemp Exfoliating Shower / Bath Mitt

Hemp Exfoliating Shower / Bath Mitt

This handmade bath mitt provides gentle exfoliation as it lathers up.  Simple slip-on mitt style with a thumb hole makes it convenient to use on either hand, and the raised stitch design adds an invigorating zing to your shower.


An environmentally friendly alternative to nylon mesh bath and shower poufs.  Handmade using all natural, undyed hemp yarn.  Hemp is naturally anti-bacterial, strong and does not pill even when wet - a perfect material for shower use.  The mitt will shrink upon first use, and soften after many uses. If you prefer a rougher exfoliation, simply use it as a 'dry loofah / brush' before you step into the water. 


  • Comes with a easy thumb hole to simply slide on.
  • Suitable for right or left hand use.
  • Unisex - pls enquire if you need a smaller or bigger size.



Crocheted in a thick undyed hemp yarn. Hemp is a highly sustainable, low-impact crop that grows well without the use of pesticides or chemical herbicides. Hemp yarn is naturally anti-bacterial, resistant to mold and is biodegradable.


12cm (across) x 20cm (length); some shrinkage expected on first use.


[How to Use]
Rinse away excess soap & squeeze dry thoroughly. Re-shape and hang to air dry. Hand wash in gentle detergent or machine wash occasionally for optimal freshness. Air drying in fresh air & sunshine is the best!


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