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Handmade Xmas Snowflakes

Handmade Xmas Snowflakes

[PRE-ORDER; expected delivery from 4 Dec onwards]

Add a touch of winter wonderland to your home with our Handmade Xmas Snowflakes! These delicately crafted ornaments are perfect for adding a sustainable and eco-friendly touch to your holiday decor. Use them as tree ornaments, gift tags, or even to decorate your table settings. Each snowflake is unique and handmade, making them a special addition to your collection. Made from organic cotton thread, these snowflakes are sure to bring a classic and timeless charm to your home this holiday season.


Available in 

Set A : 5 x Snowflake Stars (last photo)

Set B : 5 x Assorted Snowflakes



cotton thread, DIY starch, glitter



Set A : 6.5cm point to point

Set B : 5.0 - 7.5cm point to point



Store in the box it comes in and wrapped with tissue to prevent damage and yellowing.


Snowflakes have been starched with a homemade starch solution. Should they soften over time, you can spray commercially available laundry starch to re-stiffen.

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