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Hemp Dish/ Pot Scrubber

A natural dish sponge crocheted from hemp yarn. This dish / pot scrubbie is coarse and helps to clean better due to the shorter, hairier yarn fiber. The round design & textured ridges also help with easier cleaning of corners and around the rims of bowls & cups.  Swap out your traditional kitchen sponges which are derived from plastic & loaded with chemicals.


Sale of these hemp scrubbies will be donated to the ARCC (Animal Rescue Craft Council), to aid them in their wildlife care and rescue efforts in the Australian bushfire crisis. 10 pieces available - in pink, grey, brown & cream. Do indicate preferred colour upon ordering & I will try my best to accommodate!



Hemp is a sustainable & renewable resource - the crop requires less water than cotton to grow, does not need pesticides or fertilisers to flourish, and is biodegradable. Hemp yarn is naturally anti-bacterial and mold-resistant, and is 3x stronger than cotton even when wet. 



11cm diameter



Due to our humid weather, do rinse out soap suds and squeeze as dry as you can before hanging it up to dry in a well-ventilated space. Sun occasionally. Machine washable.