Textured Washcloth (Hemp)

Textured Washcloth (Hemp)

A hardy & durable multi-functional cloth that can be used to wash the dishes, wipe down counters & surfaces, general cleaning-up etc. Handmade from undyed hemp yarn that is totally natural and toxin-free. It also works wonderfully as an exfoliating face & body washcloth. $18 each / $33 set of 2.



  • TOXIN-FREE - each washcloth is handmade with 100% natural, non-toxic hemp fiber. Synthetic fabrics like polyester & nylon (used in some bath sponges & loofahs) are made from petroleum and contains chemicals and microplastics that will damage our health.
  • PROVIDES SAFE & GENTLE EXFOLIATION - effortlessly scrubs away dirt, dead skin and calluses. As a hemp washcloth only relies on mechanical massage (vs chemicals in products), it is not overly harsh and will not strip away oils from skin.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL - Hemp has naturally antibacterial and antifungul properties, promoting a healthier skin environment. 
  • DURABLE - hemp is over 60% more durable than cotton and is a very strong fiber, even when wet. It stands up to repeated use and does not pill or fray.
  • FAST DRYING - as a natural fiber, hemp is breathable and hence dries quickly so bacteria does not breed. 
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - as a natural fiber, hemp does not contain micro-plastics and can be safely and easily washed often. This means that you can reuse these washcloths for a long time before needing to dispose of them. At the end of life, they can be biodegraded and composted safely if there is such an option. 
  • SUSTAINABLE CROP - Hemp plant requires no pesticides, insecticides and very little water to flourish, making it one of the most eco-friendly plant fibers.



Undyed hemp yarn. Hemp is a highly sustainable, low-impact crop that grows well without the use of pesticides or chemical herbicides. Hemp yarn is naturally anti-bacterial, resistant to mold and is biodegradable. 



20 x 20cm


[How to Use]

Rinse very well after use and hang dry between washes. Machine washable. Alternatively, allow to dry naturally in fresh air & sunshine.