Roll-Up Scrubby

Roll-Up Scrubby

A natural eco-friendly alternative to commercial dish sponges, made with pure hemp / recycled cotton yarn with no synthetic fillers. This design is ideal for humid weather where thicker sponges take too long to dry. Roll up the sponge into a rosebud shape to use, when done, unroll it, rinse it out & hang up to dry. Works great for washing regular dishes and is safe to use on delicate & non-stick cookware too. For tougher stains - pre-soak the dishes in warm water & detergent before scrubbing.


Traditional commercial kitchen sponges are made from plastics or petroleum-based products which are usually soaked in chemicals (such as Triclosan, classified as a pesticide) to repel bacteria or odours. These are not only harmful to our health, but will shed micro-plastics into our water systems every time we wash our dishes with them. They are also meant to be disposed of frequently - thus contributing to landfill footprint as they are non-biodegradable.


Please indicate yarn options & colours. 


1. Undyed Hemp 


2A. Coloured Hemp - Vanilla (*colored hemp has coarse hairy fibers)

2B. Coloured Hemp - Brown (*colored hemp has coarse hairy fibers)

2C. Coloured Hemp - Grey (*colored hemp has coarse hairy fibers)

2D. Coloured Hemp - Pink (*colored hemp has coarse hairy fibers)


3A. Recycled Cotton - Teal

3B. Recycled Cotton - Yellow

3C. Recycled Cotton - Pink


Pattern design : @crochetdreamz


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