Sling Bag & Matching Scrunchy Set

Sling Bag & Matching Scrunchy Set

Since the school holidays are coming up, I was inspired to create a fuss-free, minimalist sling bag for those play-dates & walks around the neighborhood. Something small enough for just a hand phone, ezlink card, and hand sanitiser; and hands-free so that there is less time fussing with bags and more time admiring flora & fauna.


Sling bag is unlined, however, the stitch design is dense enough to prevent items from dropping out  - to be extra safe, do use a small pouch to store keys & coins.  Comes with a matching scrunchy which can also be worn as a bracelet around the wrist. Suitable for younger girls, tweens/teens or adults. 



Sling Bag - 13cm x 17cm

Scrunchy - 5cm internal diameter, 9cm full diameter


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