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Mesh Soap Saver Sack (Cotton)

This handmade soap saver not only keeps your pieces of soap intact, it also provides exfoliation as you soap up.  Multi-functional & pretty to boot!  When you are done with your shower, simply hang up the soap sack with bar soap inside & let it air dry in a well-ventilated spot.


Do note that as cotton is more absorbent than hemp, it will take longer to dry out. If you prefer something that dries faster, do check out the Mesh Soap Saver Sack in Hemp. 



Ecologically grown & farmed cotton from South Africa; hand-dyed with the least environmental impact.



9cm x 11cm


[How to Use]

Place bar soap in the sack and pull loop closed. Lather up for a foamy exfoliating shower with your favourite bar soap. After use, hang up to dry in a well ventilated space.