Textured Shower Mitt

Bath Mitt, Shower Glove, Spa Mitt, Soap Saver Bag - all in one.


The bath mitt design has been updated to make it roomier and easier to slip on, the textured pattern also allows for more creamy lather to be formed, creating a more luxurious bath experience. Suitable for those with sensitive / eczema skin, or for use on babies / kids - this is handmade with the softest organic eco-cotton yarn and will not irritate your skin. Can be used either with gel soap or bar soap - simply slip the bar soap inside the mitt as you are soaping up, and you can even store the bar soap in it afterwards!!


I can customise sizes based on your requirements, so if you wish to order a mini-glove for a child, or an extra-large version for your guy, just leave your queries in the comments box. Do also indicate your colour preference!


This shower mitt is suitable for sensitive skins. Should you prefer better exfoliation, do take a look at the Hemp exfoliating mitt instead.


Ecologically grown & farmed cotton from South Africa; hand-dyed with the least environmental impact.



13cm x 17cm


[How to Use]

Rinse well after each use and hang in a well ventilated place to dry. Reshape whilst damp if necessary.


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