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Eco Starter Skincare Set

Eco Starter Skincare Set

A starter set that's good for both your skin and the earth. Consisting of a set of reusable cotton rounds and a face & body washcloth made from pure certified organic cotton so you can be sure there are no toxic chemicals, dyes or fixatives that may be absorbed into your skin. Besides healthier skin, natural cotton yarn does not contain synthetics or microplastics, so they will biodegrade and compost fully.


Also makes for a mindful gift for that someone who needs more self-care time. #naturalskincare #healthyskin #nontoxicbeauty



  • 1 x Face & Body Washcloth
  • 3 x Reusable Cotton Rounds
  • Reusable cotton/linen drawstring pouch



Certified Organic Cotton



Washcloth : 22 x 22cm

Facial Rounds : 7cm diameter



Rinse well until water runs clear, squeeze out excess water & hang to dry in a well-ventilated area, or dry under direct sunlight for better results. For makeup stains, apply a spot of handwashing or dishwashing liquid and gently agitate. Follow by rinsing thoroughly. Machine washable.

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