Eco-friendly Skincare Starter Set

Eco-friendly Skincare Starter Set

Replace makeup tissues & disposable cotton pads with these gentle & eco-friendly alternatives. Consisting of 3 reusable facial wipes and a washcloth - these eco beauty tools are handmade from organic cotton yarn, and are free of harsh chemicals and microplastics. They are also very absorbent, easy to care for and biodegradable.


Ideal as a gift or for anyone embarking on a more sustainable lifestyle.  



  • 1 x washcloth
  • 3 x reusable facial rounds
  • 1 x care card
  • 1 x drawstring pouch
  • 1 x gift tag (*messsage me if you would like a custom message)


*as i am clearing my stock of yarn, only selected colours will be listed*



Washcloth : 20 x 20cm

Facial Rounds : 5.5cm diameter



Rinse well until water runs clear, squeeze out excess water & hang to dry in a well-ventilated area, or dry under direct sunlight for better results. For makeup stains, apply a spot of handwashing or dishwashing liquid and gently agitate. Follow by rinsing thoroughly. Machine washable.

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