Eco-friendly Skincare Starter Set

Eco-friendly Skincare Starter Set

Ideal as a gift or for anyone embarking on a more sustainable lifestyle. These daily-use skincare tools will look beautiful in any bathroom, and are carefully handcrafted with natural yarn, while never losing sight of their main purpose - to reduce disposal waste & micro plastics in our daily skincare routine. 


Consisting of 3 Reusable Facial Rounds (for face cleaning, removing of makeup etc), and a Spa Washcloth (for that added luxurious lather in the shower) - every item is handcrafted with high quality, soft eco-cotton yarn, free of harsh chemicals and microplastics. They are washable, easy to care for, and biodegradable.


This is an ideal gift for tween or teens as well. Simply pair with organic skincare products, or other sustainable lifestyle items such as bar soap, solid shampoo, natural deo etc to start them right on their eco-journey.


Set comes with a drawstring gift pouch, gift tag and a care card. If you wish to include a message, just drop me a line.



  1. Colours : Pls indicate main washcloth colour.  2 Reusable rounds will be in the same colour, with 1 in a neutral/matching shade.
  2. Washcloth : Pls indicate if you prefer Textured or Waffle design.
  3. Add-on Gift Basket (in vanilla) : for an extra dose of pretty packaging that can be reused again & again. Basket is big enough to hold this set and extra bar of soap or hand cream, candle etc.



Washcloth : 19x19cm - customisable for for baby / smaller children

Facial Rounds : 5.5cm diameter 

Basket : 12cm diameter, 6cm height



  • Rinse well until water runs clear, squeeze out excess water & hang to dry in a well-ventilated area, or dry under direct sunlight for better results.
  • For makeup stains, apply a spot of handwashing or dishwashing liquid and gently agitate. Follow by rinsing thoroughly.
  • Machine washable.