Eco String Bag

Eco String Bag

A classic net/mesh bag that's indispensable for your daily activities. You'll find yourself reaching for these versatile & colorful string bags again & again.


  • Customisable earth-friendly shopping bag that reduces plastic / paper bag usage.
  • Light, stretchy, packable & washes easily.
  • Very sturdy & durable (due to the 12ply corded twine used)
  • Doesn't slide around your shoulder (vs nylon material)
  • Perfect for beach bag or casual bag for a day out
  • Storing stuff around the house & making use of wall space  - toilet paper rolls, yarn, soft toys, etc.
  • In order to reduce our carbon footprint, buying quality and buying once is better than buying many that break easily and have to be thrown away!




1. Choice of colours (max 3). You can choose to mix colours in the body of the bag, have the straps in a different colour or just add a pop of colour along the straps etc. The choice is up to you!


2. Choice of strap length. Default strap length is 25cm (for shoulder carry).. Do note that it will stretch when in use. You can opt for a custom strap length or  a shorter (hand-held) strap instead. Just contact me to discuss.



Laid flat, unstretched.

33cm x 33cm x 25cm (long handles) 

33cm x 33cm x 10cm (short handles)



Cotton twine (made in Finland)



Gentle hand wash cold. Lay flat to dry. Machine wash possible  in net bag.

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