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Teen Starter Set

This set is specially created for the young girls who are starting to form their own skincare routine. It contains face & body cleansing tools that are all-natural and do not include harsh chemicals and synthetic micro-plastic materials. Handmade using soft organic cotton yarn that is breathable, gentle & most of all reusable; with special care to cater to local humid weather. In addition, they are cute & definitely fun to use. Self-care is important at any age!


This starter skincare set features :


1 x Loopy Bath Mitt 

Research shows that using a bath mitt provides deeper cleaning effect than just lathering up with fingers, especially for knees & elbows that may be showing signs of clogged pores or ingrown hair. The loops on this bath mitt help to foam up creamier lather & provide gentle exfoliation, creating an even more relaxing shower experience while cleaning. Tip : you can also put a bar soap inside the mitt and scrub away.


1 x Reusable Facial Round

A little facial puff to make face washing fuss-free.  Handmade in a soft cotton yarn that will help to gently clean out excess oil & dirt and prevent enlarged pores & breakouts. To use : apply facial cleanser on face as per normal, dampen facial round and wipe off facial cleanser, using circular motions for gentle exfoliation. Repeat as many times as needed. 


* These resuable rounds are special in that I have included a contrast colour to make them even cuter! Send me a note if you would like them in solid colour instead.


Please choose your colour option from the last chart. If you wish to have a custom order, do contact me to see what I can do.



Eco-cotton yarn



Rinse well after each use until water runs clear, squeeze dry, reshape & airdry in a well-ventilated space. Machine washable. Pop them in a washing net in the washing machine every week or so if you want to refresh them. Occasional sunshine & fresh air is always appreciated!