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Textured Bud Vase

Textured Bud Vase

Bring in a little nature to brighten your home with these small yet on-trend bud vases. Though an elaborately arranged bouquet is always gorgeous, a simple bloom in a narrow bud vase is more easy-breezy. They are fuss-free, quick to DIY and there’s no need to overthink them - just grab a single pretty bloom (or a small sprig of greens), and frame it with a bud vase. You can group a few smaller vases together, or just place one in a bathroom corner or narrow shelf for a touch of nature.


Each vase in this collection is uniquely made up of upcycled bottles encased by crochet; and showcases the organic textures and warmth of natural yarns.


Do note the vase includes upcycled bottle + crochet cover - flowers are not included :)



Upcycled glass bottles; cotton/linen/wool/paper yarn



Each vase cover has been crocheted over the bottle for a snug fit. Please do not remove the cover. Handwash cover together with glass bottle. Using a dry towel, squeeze excess water from cover. Reshape gently and leave bottle to airdry. 

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