Hemp Sponge

Hemp Sponge

These hemp sponges are a natural, sustainable alternative to commercially-available sponges. They are handmade completely with undyed hemp yarn and are free from micro-plastics, chemicals & toxins and are washable and biodegradable.


Since hemp is a natural fibre, this sponge works well as a safe alternative for cleaning delicate tableware or non-stick cookware without scratching. It can also be used for your body; as a natural sponge for dry skin exfoliation, or as a shower sponge to lather bath soap & gently scrub for smoother skin.


Conventional sponges are made from plastics or petroleum-based products which are usually soaked in chemicals (such as Triclosan, classified as a pesticide) to repel bacteria or odours. These are not only harmful to our health, but will shed micro-plastics into our water systems every time we wash our dishes with them. They are also meant to be disposed of frequently - thus contributing to landfill footprint as they are non-biodegradable.



Undyed hemp yarn. Hemp is a highly sustainable, low-impact crop that grows well without the use of pesticides or chemical herbicides. Hemp yarn is naturally anti-bacterial, resistant to mold and is biodegradable.



10.5 x 12.5cm (shrinkage expected on first use)



Excess detergent or soap trapped inside over time may cause it to become slimy. Make sure to rinse very well after use, squeeze out excess water and allow to dry out thoroughly before next use to prevent mildew.    Machine washable.