sustainable organic handmade hemp scrubbie

Textured Kitchen Sponge (Hemp)

This textured sponge is a natural alternative to traditional kitchen sponges and is washable, reusable and biodegradeble. It effectively cleans delicate diningware and non-stick pans without scratching them. Handmade in undyed hemp yarn in a bumpy texture for easier scrubbing, this sponge does not contain any hidden micro-plastics or any preservatives or chemicals, reducing the contamination to our diningware & our waters. Hemp yarn also has natural anti-bacterial and anti-mold properties.


Most traditional kitchen sponges are made from plastics or petroleum-based products which are usually soaked in chemicals (such as Triclosan, classified as a pesticide) to repel bacteria or odours. These are not only harmful to our health, but will shed micro-plastics into our water systems every time we wash our dishes with them. They are also meant to be disposed of frequently - thus contributing to landfill footprint as they are non-biodegradable.



Undyed hemp yarn. Hemp is a highly sustainable, low-impact crop that grows well without the use of pesticides or chemical herbicides. Hemp yarn is naturally anti-bacterial, resistant to mold and is biodegradable. 



10cm x 11cm; shrinkage expected on first use.


[How to Use]

Rinse very well after use and hang dry between washes. Machine washable. Alternatively, allow to dry naturally in fresh air & sunshine. 


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