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5 Easy Ways to Start on Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Journey

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

eco-friendly journey
small steps along the eco-friendly journey

I am in no way an eco-warrior, more like an eco-baby. Sometimes, appearance and convenience still trumps eco-ness. Sometimes, I forget my thermos. But I tell myself that’s ok and not to beat myself up over it. Baby steps, baby steps. We are in this for the long haul after all. So for all you other eco-babies out there, here are some easy ways to start you on your eco-friendly lifestyle.

1. Re-use packaging

I get all sorts of exciting packages delivered to my home. After which, I make it a point to save the packaging : cardboard boxes can be really good for pinning and blocking crochet items, bubble wrap is always great to re-use, I even hoard Amazon Prime icepacks till my freezer ran out of space (and then I foisted them on my mom). At byiroiro, I consciously keep packaging of my items minimal. My items are also usually label-less because I absolutely believe in the MUJI "no-brand" philosophy and because I think good craftwork speaks for itself.

2. Bring a spare grocery bag always 

I use the really light foldable ones from baggu. The colours & prints are so pretty when they peek out from my Raffia Mesh Tote! Or sew your own cloth tote - here is a tutorial I used when I first learned to sew and I still refer to it now & again. 

3. Bring your own thermos to dabao kopi or teh at foodcourts

Yes the auntie may give you the evil eye, but just smile sweetly at her and say ‘Auntie, 环保 ma’

4. Buy less

Less junk food, less ‘oh-so-cute-but-for-what-ah' items, less impulse purchases. You know the old saying ‘Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful'?

5. Choose clothes & accessories made with sustainable fabrics

I have slowly transitioned my casual wardrobe to linen fabrics. In our humidity, flowy linen beats tight man-made fibers hands down! Linen also has anti-bacterial properties so even if you perspire, there is no residual stink (ask me how i know!) I will also be launching a new collection of light, airy, and naturally sustainable raffia bags soon - do stop by to check them out as your new weekend bag alternative, or sign up for my newsletter or follow my IG at @byiroiro for updates k?

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