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Face & Body Washcloth

Face & Body Washcloth

Thick, luxuriously soft washcloths, handmade in organic cotton that is toxin-free and better for your skin. These face & body washcloths will help to renew your skin in a natural way, and elevate shower time to a mini-spa experience each time you use them. Let them be part of your self-care routine, or gift them to someone who needs it. Can be used as a face cloth for cleansing or makeup removal, or for a shower cloth that gently exfoliates.




TOXIN-FREE - each washcloth is handmade with 100% natural, non-chemically treated certified organic cotton. Synthetic fabrics like polyester & nylon (used in some bath sponges & loofahs) are made from petroleum and contains chemicals and microplastics that will damage our health.


SOFT & SOOTHING - organic cotton fibers are longer, softer & smoother compared to conventional cotton (due to lack of chemicals used in the production process), and hence great for sensitive skin.


HELPS WITH SKIN RENEWAL - using a washcloth helps to increase circulation, assist with lymphatic drainage and promotes smoother skin.


ACTS AS A CARRIER FOR RICH LATHER - since cotton is very absorbent, it holds water and helps to create a rich lather from your soap without relying on harmful parabens, sulfates and other synthetics.


FAST DRYING - as a natural fiber, cotton is breathable and hence dries quickly so bacteria does not breed.


ECO-FRIENDLY - organic cotton is certified to be safe from hazardous substances and does not contain micro-plastics so it can be safely and easily washed often. This means that you can reuse these washcloths for a long time before needing to dispose of them. At the end of life, they can be biodegraded and composted.




Certified Organic Cotton. OEKO-TEX Level 1 certification which means it does not contain harmful substances and is suitable for baby articles.



22 x 22cm, with hanging loop


[How to Use]

Rinse well after each use and hang in a well ventilated place to dry. Machine wash (in cold water) possible. Do not tumble dry.

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