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Sensitive Skin Cleansing Set

Sensitive Skin Cleansing Set



Specially created for gentle cleansing for sensitive, eczema and hormonol (teen) skins, these Face Cleansing Pads pair together with the Cleansing Milk to support healthy skin without damaging your skin barrier.


Use these soft organic face wipes to help foam up your facial wash, lift dirt & oil out of pores, and thoroughly clean areas that are easily missed (e.g. hairline, jawline, nose folds).  They are a zero waste alternative to disposable face/makeup wipes, and are washable and reusable for up to 9 months. 


  • Handmade in OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified organic cotton means no harmful substances & healthier for your skin.
  • Natural crochet textures gently & effectively remove dirt & makeup without vigorous scrubbing
  • Gentle exfoliation suitable for daily use; massages the skin & stimulates blood circulation for smoother glowy skin.
  • Machine washable or simply handwash and hang up to dry
  • Comes with a little strap behind to help you work the face wipe better!


We are  excited to work with UpCircle Beauty, UK's top upcycled beauty brand, to bring you their Cleansing Face Milk with Aloe Vera + upcycled Oat Powder. This is a gentle cleanser that :

- Repairs + restores the skin’s moisture barrier

- Calms inflammation + irritation

- Suitable for acne-prone skin


This Sensitive Skin Cleansing Set makes for a mindful gift for someone who values sustainability and still wants to nurture their skin with organic cleansing products that are safe, gentle to their skin and proven to work. 


Included :

- Face Cleansing Pad x 2

- UpCircle Cleansing Milk x 1 (120ml)

- Drawstring Pouch



Face Cleansing Pad : 10cm diameter



OEKO TEX certified organic cotton



Add a dab of soap & gently agitate to remove stains. Rinse clear with cold water. Immediate washing reccommended. Machine washable in a laundry bag. Press out excess water & air dry.



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