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Keeping Your Home Organised with Small Storage Ideas

Updated: Jan 30

Small baskets, trays and bowls are great for home storage and organisation while keeping your assorted knick-knacks out of sight. By choosing well-made baskets made of natural fibers, you can have something useful as well as decorative, that will last you a long time. Here are 10 little ideas for decorating with small baskets at home.

1. Place them at your entryway for daily items that you need to grab in a hurry - keys, wallet

watch, hand sanitiser. You can even have a basket for each member of the family so its more streamlined.

2. Use baskets to organise makeup & facial care products; keeping your bathroom counters neat and easy to clean. Since wicker or wood baskets grow mold in humid bathrooms, you may want to stick to cloth baskets.

3. At your nightstand. Keep your essentials close by and to keep clutter from creeping all over your bedside table.

4. For a modern shelf display, add a basket in a natural fabric (e.g. woven straw, recycled cord) as a display piece. It will add organic warmth and texture to your space.

(Source : simplyfoodandfashion)

5. Keep your vitamin bottles in a pretty basket and display them on your dining or bedside area so u can see them at a glance and remember to take them everyday!

6. Store your essential oil bottles in little baskets so that everything is easily visible and accessible.

7. Keep a basket in a guest bedroom or bathroom, filled with a scented candle, hand cream, or spare toiletries for them to enjoy. Your guests will definitely appreciate that extra homely touch.

8. As a house-warming gift! A set of baskets makes for a unique and very useful gift for new home owners. Select baskets that are not commonly available (e.g. this set of handmade ones) in a neutral colour for maximum thoughtfulness.

9. As a carrier basket for gifts. Instead of using a paper bag or wrapper for gifts, fill a small basket with their favourite items and present it as a customised hamper. The basket can be re-used for displaying other items in future.

Source :

10. As a decorative plant holder. You will need to look for a deeper (rather than shallow) basket. Line it with a spare piece of fabric like burlap so that the soil from the planter pot doesnt get trapped. Remember to remove the outer basket when you water your plant!

I feel that small accessories like baskets and trays add warmth and individuality to a home. Hope that this article has given you more ideas on what to do with these small baskets. Do leave me a comment if you come across any other useful ideas for basket storage!



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