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Introducing : The Upcycled Bottle Vase Collection

Updated: Jan 28

It started with cold brew bottles… My husband and I had purchased cold brew coffees to go, and they came in these adorable flattish glass bottles (kinda like a hip flask for whiskey). After we finished it, being the magpie that I was, I brought it home thinking I’d have use for it someday.

Somewhere along the way, my daughter was given a small bouquet of flowers for her school

graduation. And being the magpie that SHE was, she didn’t want to throw away the bouquet after the bigger Eustomas had wilted. So I carefully untangled the smaller dried flowers (I think it was baby’s breath), and re-purposed the cold brew bottles as vases.

It turned out that I loved those whimsical stalks of flowers much better than huge arranged bouquets. And I got to thinking how else could I personalise these bottle vases to make them more interesting.

The first edition of upcycled bottle vases was made using those cold brew bottles and smaller tomato juice bottles.  I envisioned a very minimalist and classic collection, in ecrus & light greys, that suited the scandinavian home decor style. The yarns I used were lace weight ones, very thin and wispy, and I had to combine 3-4 strands of different yarns for more depth.

After experimenting with various stitches, I found that I had to stick to designs that didn’t have a very big pattern repeat so as to match the proportions of the small bottles. Also since each bottle was differently shaped, I had to figure out how to crochet around it each time. Needless to say, there was a lot of ripping and undoing, but there was also a huge sense of achievement after each bottle was completed - like solving a puzzle.

I’ve never been a person who appreciated flowers. Give me chocolates or a tube of lipstick any day. But as I did my research on ‘bottle vases’ and ‘bud vases’, the ethereal and delicate arrangement of small vases struck a chord with me; and I aspired to be able to replicate them.

So, as can be expected, I soon started hoarding glass bottles and jars in anticipation of future collections. I find it so meaningful that I’m able to reuse these bottles and create something beautiful and functional with them - it’s totally in line with why I founded byiroiro.

My second edition is a special one for Lunar New Year 2024. I was inspired by the traditional colours of Chinese New Year, the yellow-golds of ingots, the oranges of mandarins; but wanted to infuse a more contemporary vibe. Since Lunar New Year also signifies the beginning of the Spring Festival, I mixed in pretty pastel pinks & lilacs of flowers in Spring.

With this collection, I wanted to portray the joyous clash of colours that is signature CNY, where nothing really matches and yet all comes together for that festive atmosphere. I employed a technique where I created my own random striped yarn by cutting off various lengths of yarn & joining them with knots. Once crocheted, these stripes formed lines of random mixed colours seamlessly flowing from one to the next.

Soon, neighbours and friends who noticed that I liked to crochet around bottles, started leaving their bottles on my door-step. I now have 2 boxes of varying shapes of glass bottles and can’t wait to transform them into vases.

crochet cover over an amber coloured glass bottle, with a red hook
Upcycled Bottle Vase (Raffia Edition) in progress

The third edition (which I’m still working on) is something that I’ve always wanted to do - the papery texture of raffia is my favourite yarn medium to work with; but I wasn’t sure if the stitches would show up properly against glass surfaces.

I’ll share more about my experiences with the raffia collection in another post soon.

In the meantime, leave me a comment below if you’d like to see other editions of these bottle vases!

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